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Paulo Barroso, the founder of Solid Sports, has been working for 25 years in the health and sports environment, experienced in Sports Coaching, Sports Science, Exercise Physiology and Entrepreneurship.


His career was mostly developed in swimming. He has worked with different levels of swimmers as Instructor, Swim School’s coordinator, Assistant Coach and High-Performance Coach. In addition, he also worked with teams and individuals in a variety of other sports, including motorcycle racing, triathlon, hockey, skateboarding, surfing, sailing, fighting, among others. Paulo Barroso has expertise in business management due to his history as CEO of gyms, swimming schools and sailmaking in Brazil, and also in sports and health-related events, lectures, workshops.
Paulo’s academic background includes a B. Physical Education, a post-grad Exercise Physiology, specialised in exercise prescription.
He is an ESSA member Accredited Sports Scientist level 2, ASCTA member Accredited Advanced Swim Coach, ASCA member in Australia and a  CREF/CONFEF registered in Brazil.
He moved to Australia in 2016, where he works in partnership with Ferry Rd Physio, DG Swim School and Fight Club, on the Gold Coast.
You can reach Paulo for a chat. He is always ready to talk about sports and exercises.

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