No Pain, No Gain



Sports Science and physiology team follow up, Solid Sports took care of the periodisation, specific strength and conditioning training and arm pump prevention during the 2014/2015 season. The team had great improvement becoming Moto 1000 GP Brazilian champions in 2015.


Sports Science, Strength and Conditioning and physical preparation of high performance jiujitsu and MMA fighters. This project had assisted several medalists and champions including PanPacs, Sydney Open, States, World Championships and XFC among many other events.

Raia Capital

Swim school and squad managed by Paulo Barroso and Fabio Costa. Raia Capital was focused in developing new swimmers and talent identification, high performance swim coaching and follow-up including world class athletes. This project produced many national champions and some great international results including a world championship medalist.

Solid Skateboard

Support and career development for Brazilian young talented skateboarders.
This project assisted some of the most talented skateboards from Brazil’s capital and became a brand producing many skateboarding goods.

FFC/CRF Angra dos Reis

Swim branch for swimming development and high performance coaching, assisting two of the most notorious swim teams in Brazil.
This project was a key developer of several champions, record holders and states and national team members.


Speeches, lectures and workshops for sports and health professionals including undergrad students, instructors coaches and athletes.

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